About Us

New Holland United Methodist Church Welcomes You

If you are a visitor, a stranger, a traveler, welcome

If you are Christian looking for other Christians, welcome

If you are an inquirer wondering about Christians about the Christian church, welcome

Our Vision: New Holland United Methodist Church will be the spiritual center of our lives, shining its LIGHT through open doors to all who need and seek God.


Nurture and Fellowship

Our Nurture and Outreach Team offers personal and family supportive and enrichment ministries, including:

Fellowship events:

  • Free Community Meals offered every month.  Third Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. See Calendar for details.
  • Senior’s activities
  • Small groups called Care Groups
  • Summer Camp experiences at three UM camps

  • Contact with our college students and military personnel

  • Mailboxes for church family and friends

  • Monthly congregational meals at 6:00 on Church Alive Nights, usually the first Wednesday of the month.

  • Our monthly newsletter, “Lamplighter,” contains input by the pastor and members of the congregation. It highlights upcoming events and church family news.